Our New Whole Grain Sorghum Popcorn

Dealing with many food allergies and sensitives I’ve had to learn to adapt my diet based on what my body tolerates. I’ve found that I’m fine at some times with a food, while other times I feel sick and react after eating that same food.

It’s funny how certain conversations just stick in on your mind; Before I was Gluten Free I remember my cousin saying he should be on a gluten free diet but he’d rather eat what he wants and deal with the consequences. While no gluten containing food would be worth the consequences eating gluten would result in for me, there are other foods I sometimes eat despite the symptoms. I LOVE popcorn.  I love the crunch, the salt, and the act itself of diving into a large bowl of it.

Unfortunately, my body doesn’t always love popcorn as much as my head, and while I try not to over-indulge there are times where no other snack seems to hit the spot in the same way. That is, until i found sorghum.

I would call this the twin sister of popcorn; although smaller than the traditional kernels, this is a pretty good substitution. While it’s delicious on its own with oil and salt, the opportunities for different flavors is endless. This time, I added my new favorite spice, Za’atar- I’ve been putting this traditional Middle Eastern spice on just about everything lately. I have to admit I haven’t completely given up popcorn, but this definitely helps me eat it less frequently!

Spiced Sorghum Popcorn

1/4 cup Sorghum

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

2 teaspoons Za’atar

1/2  teaspoon salt (unless your Za’atar contains salt)

Preheat a stainless steel griddle, add in the sorghum, and cover with a lid. Just like making traditional popcorn, shake pot over medium heat until there are 10 seconds between “pops.” Remove from heat and season to taste while “popcorn” is still warm!