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Morgan & Company catering is known for its unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail. This family-owned and managed company has built its reputation upon a single premise – a promise to provide its customers with exceptional service and quality down to the last detail.

When you are a large group (hundreds or thousands) looking for an out-of-the-ordinary catering experience that exceeds and feeds your group, the Rollin’ Kitchen by Morgan is your solution.

A fully-equipped kitchen, custom-built into a 50 foot trailer, the Rollin’ Kitchen is able to travel long distances and feed over extended periods of time.

Corporations can feed employees without forcing them to travel and interrupt their business day. Meetings, family fun days and sporting events are perfect venues for the Rollin’ Kitchen.

We will roll to your location, set up where you tell us, cook inside our trailer and serve you outside. Feeding a large group has never been easier.

Our trailer’s presence at your gathering will add to the excitement of your day. It is sleek, bright and colorful. Aromas from its ovens and grills will permeate the air outside, while chefs are busy preparing your meals inside. And when you are ready to eat, your food will be served hot, right out of the Rolllin’ Kitchen by Morgan at your site.